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Everyone wants to look and feel young. We’re here to help you achieve that through our FDA-approved treatments and a team of highly trained staff. We accept clinic and home appointments to accommodate your schedule and needs so read more on All About Non-Surigcal.

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Below you will see some of our most commonly asked questions answered!

Our company pride ourselves in using reliable non-surgical treatments in a peaceful environment that steer both ladies and men far from going under the knife.

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Skin tightening


Treatment duration varies based on the patient’s prior medical history and age. A single HIFU session usually lasts between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours.

HIFU Market Drayton can treat the jawline and neck by tightening the muscles in these areas. It can also be used to lift and tighten jowls, reduce wrinkles around the mouth and nose, improve skin tone, tighten eyelids and rejuvenate the skin. This process can help reduce nasolabial folds as well.

The treated area may swell, feel soft, or itchy and appear red. But these side effects arent serious and will gradually disappear after a few hours. Also, your physician can explain what to expect before the session.

People aged 30 and above can benefit from HIFU. The skin sags as we age. However, we can delay the onset of wrinkles through HIFU. For patients aged 30 to 40 years old, HIFU can stimulate production of collagen from the tissues to delay the ageing process. HIFU can also benefit people aged 40 to 60 years old. The procedure rejuvenates the skin and stimulates collagen to reduce the wrinkles and lines that have begun forming. Patients aged 60+ years old can benefit from HIFU as well. Most of them have had plastic surgery. HIFU helps prolong the enhancements done by surgery to make the patient look more attractive.  

Most patients didn’t feel any pain during treatment. However, you might experience some mild pain on areas where there are bones such as the brow or jawline. The pain disappears the next a few seconds. The ultrasound waves can be controlled to manageable levels.

HIFU Market Drayton doesn’t have adverse side effects. It’s safer than Botox and plastic surgery. 

Most patients only require a single session. The results usually last between 12 and 18 months, but some might need 2 or 3 more sessions to get a better result. This depends on the level of accuracy you want and how your body responds to the process. HIFU can be used together with other treatments.

HIFU is one type of a non-invasive procedure. Facelift, on the other hand, is a surgical method. HIFU is a good option for those who are not ready for the risks associated with a facelift or can’t afford the cost of surgery.  Due to the surgical nature of a facelift, it takes time to complete. HIFU provides results instantly.

Make sure you’ve eaten at least an hour before the procedure starts. Drink plenty of water and don’t wear makeup if the target area is your face. Avoid alcohol after the procedure. Don’t exercise on the day of treatment. You should also drink plenty of water.